Finally, yesterday I managed to see the last movie of the director Ari Aster, Midsommar. For whom don’t know the director, He get notice with his first work Hereditary, a family tragedy disguised as an horror movie. If you like the last 30 minutes of Hereditary you are gonna love Midsommar.

The movie tell the story of a group of American anthropology students who travel to Sweden to assist at the summer solstice celebration of a small community by invitation of Pelle ( Vilhelm Blomgren ), one of the guy in the group that was raised in that community.

With the group travels also Dani ( Florence Pugh ), a psycology student who is engaged with Christian ( Jack Reynor ). She decide to join the group after a huge trauma that involved the murder of her parents by her sister and the latter’s suicide.

When they arrived at the commune they met Simon and Conny, an English couple, who was bring there by Pelle’s brother Igmar. The life in the community is timed by the consumption of psychedelic drug and horrifying tradition like “attestupa”, where two elders from the village decide to commit senicide from the top of a cliff.

The first thing that show up is the symbolism and the runic alphabet. Ari Aster try to combine real tradition with his imagination. Infact for his runic symbol take inspiration from two real alphabets: the ancient and younger Futhak. What caracterize the runic in Midsommar is that every symbol represents a mood or an emotion, and each of them is used in context with the scene. Like the runic of fertility/love embroidered on the cape of Christian in one of the final scene.

The reference with the Wizard of OZ is not my invention, but is Aster himself during an interview that made this analogy. What I can say is that is pretty accurate, infact both open up with a tragedy. Also when Dani arrived at the village all the people helped and supported her like Dorothy when she arrived at the Land of Oz. And last but not least (SPOILER ALERT) at the end both Dani and Dorothy fullfill their subconscious wish of finding peace, family and a new Home.