Written and Direct by NBA Vol. 1

When I see Nba, the first thing that I noticed is the absolute perfect stories that have created the myth of the League. They are well communicated, exciting and compelling that are difficult to not think about behind them there are a group of the best Hollywood screenwriters that designed them. Let’s break down some of the most important phase of this amazing League.

Larry & Magic

We can all agree that the modern Nba started in 78-79 with the rivalry between Earvin “Magic” Johnson and Larry Bird, drafted respectively first overall in 1979 by the Lakers and sixth overall in 1978 by the Celtics. The two teams had a great rivalry during the early age of the Nba and with the addition of the two future Hall of Famers the bouts became more intense. The two won eight Nba titles, five Magic and three Bird, clashing in the Nba finals three times in which the Lakers won two times (1985-1987) and lost to the Boston in 1984. Title apart, the most fascinating aspect was the competitiveness that both put on and off the field. Another memorable moment that involved them was how they became friends. That happened during the filming of the commercial for the releasing of a new Converse shoes. All started with:

“His mom greeted me on the porch,” Johnson said. “It was a ‘Mom Bird’ hug, like my mom would hug me.


The story between the two continues with the titles, their retires cerimony and the Magic HIV announcement. If you want to go deep inside the relationship read the book “When the Game was Ours” written by Magic, Bird and Jackie MacMullan.


Them something happen. A young boy from North Carolina was selected third in the draft of 1984. Michael Jordan enter the Nba and would leave a mark that changed the Nba forever.

It’s just God disguised as Michael Jordan

Larry Bird

This is what Larry Bird says after playing against MJ in the playoff. Michael scores 63 point in a double overtime loss against the Celtics. Despite the defeat the foundations for the success had been laid. Five years later with the assistant of the new coach Phil Jackson and teammate Scottie Pippen, MJ and the Chicago Bulls won their first title. Winning helps to win. And so it was. After the first title in 1991, the Chicago Bulls won ’92 and ’93 to make sure the first three-peat of the team. But something happen during the ’93. James Jordan, father of MJ, was found death in a swamp in South Carolina after a carjacked. The shock of the death induces MJ to retires, citing also a loss desire for the game. He starting playing baseball to pursue the dream of the father to have a son playing in the Major League. He signed for the Chicago White Sox a team playing in the Minor League Baseball. The experience was not very gratifying. On 18th March 1995 Jordan says “I’m Back”. Resign with the Chicago Bulls and was eliminated in the playoff by the Orlando Magic of Shaquille O’neal. After the playoff defeat the Bulls add Dennis Rodman to the roster, they starting winning and end the season with 72-10 record. They win the title on Father’s Day, Jordan reacts emotionally and was immortalized in one of the most famous shot of history. As before the retire the Chicago Bulls made another three-peat and now as then after the last winning he decided to retire from basketball. But like every love story it’s difficult to put an end, above all if you retire as the greatest of all time. For this and other reason Michael decided to come back one more time. He sign, in 2001, a contract with the Washington Bullets, of wich he was also a shareholder. But time has passed, Nba has changed and there was no happy ending. At the end of 2003 decide to retire definitely. His story is well told in the book written by Roland Lazenby. But like every Moon there is also a dark side that I didn’t tell but you can find it in the book Jordan Rules by Sam Smith.