Missing Kid :If you have information watch Mindhunter Season 2

The second season of Mindhunter was released on Netflix the 16th August, after two years from the previous opening season. For who don’t know what I’m talking about, Mindhunter is a crime series that tells the story of a new group of FBI, the Behavioral Science Unit, whose purpose is to interview people who made several murders in order to create a database in wich catalog the profile of each serial killer.

While in the first season we saw mostly the creation of the Unit and their first interviews with person such as Edmund Kemper, knows as The Co-Ed Killer and “Jerry” Brudos, in the second season in addition to other interview they take action and put the theory into practice.

The main story that drive the season is the Atlanta Child Murder, a real case happened in late ’70 early ’80 in wich 22 child and six young men, all black, where kidnapped and murdered in Atlanta.

The two agent Holden Ford (Jonathan Groff) and Bill Tench (Holt McCallany), with the help of the FBI unit of Atlanta and the police department try to profile and catch the murderer. All the efforts are useless until Holden decide to patrol every bridge of the metropolitan area in order to find who, according to him, is a suspect. Infact, based on his studies and experience who committed the crime had to be a black man of age 20-30. One night during the patrol they stop a black man named, Wayne Williams. At the end the suspect was convict only for two of the murder none of the two involving kids. The other cases remain unresult with no suspect involved until today.

Beside the main story there are some honorable mentiones to make.

First the story of Bill Tench and his family. Something happened, police found a crucified body of a kid inside the house that Bill’s wife Nancy ( Stacey Roca ) try to rent. Investigations are pressing, bringing to light unexepected suspicions.

The BTK Killer. We seen him always at the beginning of each episode of season 2 preparing to be the serial killer that all the United States known. Infact for those who not know hi, he usually bound, tortured, and killed ( BTK ) 10 people near Kansas for almost 20 years. Was arrested only in 2005.

Last but not least, the golden prize for agent Holden Ford, Charles Manson ( Damon Herriman ).

Give up, your world
Come on you can be

Cease to Exit Charles Manson

Both Ford an Tench interview Manson trying to discover why several young people were convinced to follow him and do everything he said, including killing. The scene is well written and performed by all the actors involved, so it is better see it in episode 5 than to read in this line.

In conclusion the second season is for me one of the best product that Netflix produces. The first three episode are directed by David Fincher who has overseen all the serie. Infact the wise use of shadow and washed color create a sense of inhospitality and discomfort that remind the American society where the serial killer have proliferated.