The Eastern Conference

It’s almost a month since the beginning of the Nba season, for this reason it’s the right time to analize the eastern conference.

Boston Celtics

From the loss in the semifinals against the Bucks the Celtics changed a lot. Kyrie, who never fits in the Brad Steven play system, is gone. With him also Al Horford and Terry Rozier change their jersey. In exchange they add Kemba Walker who have a very good year in Charlotte and Enes Kanter, a solid center. As much as Walker can be a good replace for Irving what I really thing is a big loss for the Celtics is Al Horford. Infact, for the Brad Steven system the dominican center was the key player both in offense and defense. If you look at every match of the Celtics last year, he start all the offensive play like he was the real playmaker but he also had an important role in defense. I think they loss some talent but add players that can fit more in a system team and if Tatum really explode they have some chance to reach the conference finals.

Brooklyn Nets

The next big thing. They have the best free agency adding Kyrie Irving, Kevin Durant, Deandre Jordan and Winston Chandler. Maybe not this year because Durant is injured but the next one they can easily reach the Nba Finals. Infact do not forget they have in the roster two very good players, Dinwiddie and Joe Harris one of the top5 3-point shooter of the League right now. What can go wrong? The duo of Kyrie and Durant, they have to find each other and play together, if they put part of their ego behind, the road for the ring will became much easier for them.

Toronto Raptors

They are the rigning champion, so their are the favourite for the next season. Wrong. They lost their best player and MVP of the Finals 2019 Kawhi Leonard and they didn’t replace him. They have the same core with Lowry, Gasol, Siakam and a good bench but without the Klaw I don’t think they have good enough to reach the conference semifinals.

Milwaukee Bucks

The team of Antetokounmpo, MVP of the season. They have an amazing coach and have almost the same team of last year. They have a very good roster that fit the quality of the Greek Freak, good players like Middleton, Bledsoe and Hill, a great 3-point shooter Brook Lopez, but they lost Michael Brogdon. They replace him with Korver another fantastic 3-point shooter and Wesley Metthews a good all around player. Also Robin Lopez join the Bucks, so the Lopez twins are reunited. So are they the next Nba Champion? It’s difficult to say now, my feeling are that they are a very good team with an amazing player but they miss something that I ‘m anable to say what it is.

Philadelphia 76ers

No more trust the process. No more future. It have to be now. Embiid and Simmons knows it. They prefer resign Tobias Harris instead of Jimmy Butler because is a better teammate. With him they sign from free agency Josh Richardson, from the Miami Heat, and Al Horford. The first is a very good player both on offense and defense. The second was the key player of the Celtics and in the Playoffs he always dominate Embiid in almost every match. What are the downside of this team? They are a very tall team without any good 3-point shooter, infact they didn’t replace JJ Reddick. Also Simmons has to shoot more with more efficency from every distance, if this happen they really have the chance to be a contender for the ring.

The good but not so good team

In this category there are teams that are good to make the playoffs but not so good, in my opinion, to be a real contender to the best team of the conference. Miami with Jimmy Butler is a good example. Also Charlotte Hornets, Orlando Magic, Detroit Pistons and Washington Wizards are in this same spot. They have a good roster with also some all-stars players but they are not good enough to be that good. Mention apart for the Indiana Pacers. They can be more than an average team but all depend on how Victor Oladipo returns from the injury.

Battle for the Lottery

Cleveland Cavaliers, New York Knicks, Chicago Bulls and Atlanta Hawks. They are in the rebuilding process. They have some good players like Kevin Love in Cleveland, Julius Randle in New York and Zach LaVine in Chicago. But their real goal is to develop the young core of their rosters: Trae Young in Atlanta who have a great rookie year, Kevin Porter Jr. in Cleveland, Lauri Markkanen in Chicago and Rj Barrett in New York. Also in this category mention apart for Vince Carter of the Atlanta Hawks that entered in his 22nd Nba Season. Thank you Vince !