I’ll never look into your eyes again

This is the end. Really the end. Six years ago we left Jesse Pinkman crying as he ran aways from the cage and Walter White. Now with El Camino we can know what happened to him and say goodbye.
Forget the Jessie Pinkman you saw on Breaking Bad, the captivity, wich he was forced by neo-nazi group in the last season, changed him irreedeemably. No “bitch”, no funny moment, he have only a mission: to be alone e forgotten by everyone.
The movie start where the serie ends. He goes to his friends Skinny Pete and Badger, who help him to hide the El Camino and host him for the night. The day after they call Old Joe to destroy the car, but he find out that it has a LoJack installement. They decided to split up to help Jesse. He decides to go to Todd’s house, one of his neo-nazi’s tormentors, because in a flashback he remembers that Todd hides a lot of money in his house.
During the research, two police officer arrive Neil and Casey. After a confrontation Jesse understand that this two are not real cop but only two member of the group that built the structure in wich Jesse was forced to work. They decide split the money that Jesse found. With the money Jesse tries to search for Saul’s “disappearer”, Ed the manager of a vacuum store. He bring the money to him in order to change his life, but Ed wants double fee, one for now and the other for a previous time when Jesse didn’t show up. Ed made no discount and Jesse is short of 1800$. In a first moment he call his parents, but they have no money to give him, then he decides to go to Neil and Casey warehouse. They refuse to give him the money, instead Neil seeing a gun in Jesse’s waistbang decide to duel with him. Jesse tricks him and shots with another gun hidden in the pocket of the jacket. Jesse also kills Casey who tries to shot him after Neil’s dead.
At the end Jesse pays Ed who bring him to Alaska, he gives him a new name and new background. Jesse hands Ed a letter to Brock, his son. Last scene is a flashback with him and Jane talking about fate, in particular, he admires her because she lets the universe take her wherever it pleases. But she denies and says: “I’ve gone where the universe takes me my whole life. It’s better to make those decisions for yourself.”
The movie don’t open at any new stories, it only closes the narrative about Jesse. The most important thing is that it’s not only a story about Jesse but a story about every young good man that went down to a wrong path. He remember all the terrible things he did in the past and he is no longer capagle to see himself in the mirror, but past can’t be fixed as a familiar face says to him “it’s the only thing you can never do”.
About directing, Vince Gilligan, the head behind Breaking Bad, is at his first experience as a director of a movie. For me he was very good with the camera. Every scene is very well directed, in particular one of the most impressive is the one in wich Jesse met Casey in Todd’s house. The shot starts from the dark where Jesse is hiding, the the gun appears and finally we see Jesse’s face. Nothing that has never been seen before, but the simplicity which it was built and the performance of Aaron Paul make it very impactful.
Finally, the acting of Aaron Paul was very intense and respectful of the role. He was born to be Jesse and like him grows up.
For me the vision is worth it, don’t expect nothing more than a closing story, but everything in it is with an exceptional quality: music, directing,acting and cinematography.