Battle of LA:The Beginning

It’s openining night of the NBA Regular Season. There are more 81 games to be played so it’s too earlier to make judgement, but we can start saying something about this two teams.
In general the match was very enjoyable with a lot of effort. At the end Clippers wins but let’s analize.
Lakers are a new team that change a lot during this summer, not only the coach – from Luke Walton to Frank Vogel but also the whole team. Only Lebron, Rondo, KCP, McGee and Kuzma remain. Also only Lebron and McGee were in the starting five, with Kuzma and Rondo on the box via injuries and Kentavious starting from the bench, the starting five for the Lakers was all new players that never plays together in a game. But they did a good work against one of the favorite for the ring, Danny Green scores 28 points, AD 25 with 10 rebounds and James with a near triple double 18p 9r 8a. Bu they still had to improve. They need more chemistry from the two All Star players, Davis and James, they looked like there were in a partnership and not teammates: they changed their possessions one time the play starts with LBJ and the other with AD. This is not something you can do everytime, so they have to realize with the help of the coach how they can work together.
Clippers, instead, are more structured, during the summer they added “only” Leonard and Paul George, rest of the team was the same, also the coach. They play naturally with the same plays of last year: small ball, a lot of defence and super effort from Baverly. Leonard suited perfectly in this team, he forced few shots and played as we already know: with his composure and his understanding of the Game.
Noteworthy the bench and Beverly. The bench was absolutely dominant with more than the 50% of field goal made. The duo Harrell-Williams combined 38points, Doc Rivers gave to them the keys of the team when the starting five rests, and they deserve it. With them also Green (12p) and Harkless (10p) made an impact.
For the real potential of the team we have to wait the return of Paul George who is recovering from the double surgeries at both shulders.
Special mention to the public. Both team are from LA of course but in this particular occasion Clippers plays home. But it was very hilarious to hear boo during the free throw of Kawhi Leonard and the chant “MVP! MVP!” during Lebron free throw.